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Is World Peace Possible?

Is World Peace Possible?

WORLD PEACE – PART 1 Asking the Questions To ask someone if they would like to live in a peaceful world is almost a waste of time. The overwhelming majority of the world’s popu... More

bubbles rising

Nourishing Power on the Move

The Nourishing Power of Nature Is On the Move and the Transcendent Is Bubbling Up We constantly cherish Maharishi’s glorious vision for the Mother Divine Programsm. It is our gr... More

Sharing Today’s Vision for Lasting Achievement

Dear Supporters of the Mother Divine ProgramSM—Past, Present, and Future, Your inspiration and action to support us deeply moves the ocean of bliss in our hearts every day. Moth... More

Enlivening the Divine Feminine Qualities Within Ourselves

The Divine Feminine Qualities courses are available in two separate options on the Mother Divine campus in Chanthaburi, Thailand: Single ladies practicing TM and the TM-Sidhi Pr... More

Ways To Donate To The Mother Divine Program℠

If you would like to help The Mother Divine Program • give support to every country everywhere, including your own dear country, • bless all mankind with the support o... More

May Peace on Earth be Powerful

THANK YOU FOR HELPING US TO PLAY OUR ROLE Please Give Generously Today This song expresses the desire shared by people all over the world, for permanent, unshakable peace on earth.... More

The Quintessence of Holiday 

  Doing Everything in the Most Relaxed Manner – Doing By Thought In the midst of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and cooking, wrapping gifts and family event... More


The words of this song were taken from a talk given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and refer to the Introductory Sanskrit Verse for several Upanishad of Yajur-Veda. This song was written... More

Ode to October

Born Anew Each Year My Ode to October poem was born in 1992, the year the Natural Law Party was born, but each year it is born anew. I pull it out at the end of September every yea... More

Yoga From the Himalayas to a Community Center Near You

Yoga From the Himalayas to a Community Center Near You

Perhaps you are, or once were, a member of a yoga class?   For so many of us, Hatha Yoga is our first introduction to “Eastern Philosophy”.  We want to get fit without pou... More