Balance in Life

Jul 7, 2014

balance in life

In our last post, ‘Finding Balance‘, we began to explore the definition of consciousness as the unity, or co-existence, of two qualities of intelligence that are contradictory to each other – Singularity (or silence) and Diversity (or dynamism).

Marvelous Topic

The more I think about this topic, the more I find in it that is marvelous.

Life has two sides — the dynamic side, and the silent side. 

We go through life for many decades often experiencing a predominance of the dynamic side. 

After a full day of activity, the way we recharge our batteries is to go to sleep for seven or eight hours each night.

But when the dynamism gets overpowering — i.e. we have “too much on our plate” — then our sleep patterns can often suffer and we lie awake, tossing and turning during our crucial resting time. Or our sleep becomes less refreshing and we feel tired and strained during the day.

We start to lose what little silence we have in our lives.

The balance is lost and we begin to be unhappy.

We try to offset the loss by turning to other things to fill that gap: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, shopping.

But it doesn’t work.

Looking for Happiness

We are looking for the happiness, because that is our nature. That is our birthright, that is who we are.

Happiness, joy, bliss is the nature of life itself. The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness — to grow and progress in every way possible.

We are meant to be joyful, creative, happy, successful, and fulfilled beings, but sometimes “life” doesn’t seem to support those qualities as fully as we would wish.

When one aspect of life’s intelligence is given too much emphasis we start to suffer. 

It is just amazing, isn’t it, how much punishment our bodies can take before they collapse under the strain of a lopsided life!

What we need is to have more balance in our lives.

Remember the co-existence of opposites I was discussing with Chrissie?

We have an abundance of dynamism but not so much silence.

Along comes the Transcendental Meditation ® technique.

This is silence big time.

We learn to close our eyes and use the simplest technique in the world and Aaah! there we are in the great downy bed of life.  

All our concerns and aches just drift away and we are left in this most glorious sense of everything being just fine for always.

The silence of the transcendent is more than an absence of noise.

The transcendent is that level of life which lies beyond the everyday level of our existence, but within easy reach.  During the TM ® technique, we naturally and effortlessly experience pure transcendental consciousness, our own nature, and find that the balance in our lives is regained.

It is the peace of home.  The place where we can put our feet up and just let everything go.  It is familiar.

Silence that Creates

It’s the silence of the transcendent that creates life itself and when we reach it we feel the relief of a weary traveller coming home at last.

When we have spent twenty minutes or so in this paradise of relaxation, we return to activity feeling deeply rested and ready for anything.

We have started to balance the dynamism with the silence and our sense of equilibrium returns.  This is a natural state of life.

It’s very simple.

Twenty minutes twice a day — first thing in the morning and before supper/dinner in the evening — is enough to maintain the balance beautifully, so we no longer feel the frustrations, fatigue and irritability that  would normally pull us down.

And here is the great Sssshhhh factor in it all:

Dynamism comes from this level of Silence

You can feel free to expect, therefore, to become more dynamic, more effective, more successful as a result of transcending regularly. 

But it’s dynamism based on silence. Both qualities are there together, each supporting the other.

It’s like striking gold!

And we don’t have to give up shopping!

To find out more click on this link:

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See video below—Pamela Peeke, M.D. – Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland explains how the deep rest gained during Transcendental Meditation® can help balance and enhance our activity.


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