Nourishing Power on the Move

Jan 11, 2017

The Nourishing Power of Nature Is On the Move and the Transcendent Is Bubbling Up

bubbles rising

We constantly cherish Maharishi’s glorious vision for the Mother Divine Programsm. It is our great blessing to participate in enlivening the blissful and nourishing power of the Transcendent so that it quietly, steadily, gracefully, and sweetly blossoms and bubbles up into every nook and cranny on the surface of worldly life.

Go Create a Big Exalted Group of Ten Thousand!

The creative intelligence of Mother Divinesm is continually flowing with enthusiasm to fulfill Maharishi’s words to us in 1992: “Go create a big exalted group of ten thousand Mother Divine.” Our hearts are always thrilled with imagining what that reality will be like for the world. Taking practical steps every day to move in that direction is our great joy and fulfillment.

Expansion—Deeply Interwoven With Restoring Women’s Dharma—Our Evolutionary Role
Every day we renew our commitment to not only our precious inner life but also to open the door wide for a whole new wave of expansion for this sublime creation of Maharishi’s—the Mother Divine Program.

We know that expansion is deeply interwoven with restoring ladies’ dharma on earth, 
enlightenment, world peace, and Heaven on Earth for everyone in the world within our lifetime.

Awakening the Precious Essence of Human Life—A Heart Full of Love

Our vision for expansion is all about inspiring a whole new generation of girls to be awake to their inner reality as Mother Divine. It is all about providing a way for women of all ages to enliven their inner reality as Mother Divine thereby raising the infinitely abundant nourishing power, creativity, bliss, and love of the cosmic Divine Mother in the entire world.

It is a legacy we are honored to participate in creating—a completely thriving and supported Mother Divine Program, full of thousands of women and girls whose hearts are flowing in the fullness of divine love, flooding the world with unbounded tidal waves of nourishing bliss, and allowing the ocean of love to permeate every wave of life on our beautiful planet. 

We resolve that from the heart of the Mother Divine Program all over the world, the precious essence of human life that Maharishi spoke of in Love and God comes to fruition for everyone in our dear world family:
“A loving heart, a heart full of love is the precious essence of human life. And that, when it flows in unbounded tidal waves of bliss, it is the glory of the Supreme, the blessing of Mother Divine, and the Grace of God.”
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Love and God  
Awakening Inner and Outer Affluence for All
As we go about our precious routine of stirring the ocean of divine love and bliss consciousness twenty-four hours a day, researching into the fine fabrics of the Absolute, and enlivening the primordial impulses of creation, our hearts and minds are profoundly moved to know that the purpose of the Mother Divine Program includes nourishing the world with inner and outer affluence:
“The purpose of the Mother Divine Program is to nourish the world with harmony, coherence, bliss,  and inner and outer affluence through one-pointed attention on the TM and TM-Sidhi program, which leads to the enlivenment of Natural Law.”
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
We deeply delight in making our contribution each day to creating a new world of abundance for all.
Inspiring Well-Wishers

We resolve from the ocean of Silence in our hearts to devote 2017 to allow all the power of the Transcendent that is blissfully moving through us, the power of Wholeness on the move, to deeply inspire well-wishers everywhere in the world to embrace Maharishi’s cosmic vision and secure the expansion and well-being of the Mother Divine Program for millennia to come.

Motherly Care for a Bright Future
With unbounded motherly love and care we honor, adore, uphold, and support every part of Maharishi’s worldwide family as the full blossoming of everything that Maharishi designed for the world continues to unfold at record speed in 2017.


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