The Mother Divine Program is primarily funded by donations from generous supporters who recognize the far-reaching value of this professional coherence-creating group for the nation and the world.

Donations can be made in several ways:

If you pay by PayPal and your donation was inspired by someone on the Mother Divine Program, please enter her name in the “Add a Note” field on the PayPal page.

Credit card donations may be one-time or automatically recurring (monthly, yearly, etc.).

Donation Options: General Fund, Perpetual Fund, Building Fund or Kauai.

  • The General Fund is the main fund for day-to-day support of the Mother Divine ProgramSM.

  • The Perpetual Fund provides a foundation for long-term financial security of the Mother Divine Program.

  • The Building Fund will create new Vastu accommodations in Livingston Manor, NY, for all North American Mother Divine.

  • The Kauai Project funds will create Vastu accommodations for the Mother Divine Program on Kauai.

If you have questions or would like information about different ways to support the Mother Divine Program such as matching donations, or donating stock, real estate, or equipment, please contact the donations office at   Phone: 1-641-209-1830  Fax: 1-641-472-1702

Click here to see Planned Giving options.

Make a lasting financial contribution to secure the growth of the Mother Divine Program for many generations to come.

Planned Giving options include bequests (estate planning), beneficiary designation gifts, charitable gift annuities, etc.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have after you have seen our Planned Giving page. Please email .  Include your telephone number if you would like us to call you.




The feeling: safe and free to express yourself

Thank you for your support in giving all women the opportunity to access and experience courses on the Mother Divine program campus.

Ananda—Bliss Song

The Ananda Song is an original musical composition and animation by members of The Mother Divine Program℠ describing bliss as the flow of pure Being at the basis of life.

I can be my true self here

"It feels like I've traveled so far inside of myself." Comments about a weekend course with the Mother Divine Program.