Sharing Today’s Vision for Lasting Achievement

May 9, 2016


Dear Supporters of the Mother Divine ProgramSM—Past, Present, and Future,

Your inspiration and action to support us deeply moves the ocean of bliss in our hearts every day. Mother Divine all around the world thanks you for all you give, have given, and may give in the future to help us in creating Heaven on Earth.

On this auspicious Akshaya Tritiya, the Day of Lasting Achievements in the Vedic calendar, we renew the intention for steady, exponential expansion of the Mother Divine Program and warmly invite you to participate in manifesting this cosmic wish this year.

With united mind and heart we express our desire to see the world filled with the soothing, nourishing power of large groups of the Mother Divine Program generating waves of bliss from the transcendental source of life itself.


Our Goals How You Can Help
Sustainable Maharishi Vastu® homes for Mother Divine around the world Help us bring together the funds and expertise to complete these homes immediately. 
Check “Other” and specify “MD Building Fund.”

Hundreds of ladies joining the Mother Divine Program in all nine current locations and new groups of Mother Divine in every country. Maharishi’s intention was for a “big, exalted group of 1000 Mother Divine on every continent.”

Join Mother Divine! 

A secure financial base of support for the Mother Divine Program in the present and for many generations to come in the form of a well-funded endowment.

Donate: Please Continue, Start, Resume, and even Increase your Support if you can!

Maharishi University of Enlightenment (MUE) or other Mother Divine degree program operating fully in each Mother Divine location. 

Support and inspire students of all ages to attend our Mother Divine universities: MUE in the USA and the BA program in the Science of Creative Intelligence for Management in Thailand. New BA class begins August 2016.

Women from all parts of the globe coming together to enjoy TM® Retreats, World Peace Assemblies, and other courses at the campuses of Mother Divine worldwide.

Attend our World Peace Assemblies or TM Retreats! Support your lady family and friends to take a dip in the cosmic ocean of bliss by attending our courses. 

People everywhere becoming more aware of the value of the Mother Divine Program for themselves and the world.

Share the vision and goals of the Mother Divine Program with your peace-loving family members, friends, neighbors, Facebook communities, and business associates. Participate in Matri Mandala groups for knowledge and support.


Your donations are potent. They are a profound way to leverage giving and to invest in building a better world because they help awaken the universal power of transcendental creativity, letting it bubble up into every nook and cranny on the surface of worldly life so that every being on earth feels nourished, loved, safe, and supported.

By enabling us to devote our full attention to enlightenment each day through the ideal routine of the Mother Divine Program, your contributions gracefully support all good everywhere—world peace; pure food, air, and water; Consciousness-Based education; health; prosperity; stability in nature; and blissful well-being for everyone.

We want You to enjoy the full glory of what the Mother Divine Program can create—Heaven on Earth for everyone. Together we can bring this vision to fruition without delay.

Thank you for your attention, action, and support.


P.S. Many people and businesses today are searching for a way to use their resources to make a profound contribution to peace and stability in the world. The Mother Divine Program offers a uniquely holistic approach for all those who wish to maximize their transformative power to create Heaven on Earth.

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