The Quintessence of Holiday 

Dec 24, 2014


Doing Everything in the Most Relaxed Manner – Doing By Thought

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and cooking, wrapping gifts and family events we find the essence of the reason we celebrate and give gifts. In a Press Conference on December 20, 2006 Maharishi gave a beautiful, quintessential definition of the word “holiday”. It brings to light the real gift that the Mother Divine Program offers to our whole world family.

Maharishi said:

Bliss becomes blissful through practice.

Now we’re concerned with that value: through practice, through practice.

That means taking our awareness to that level of experience

over and over and over again.

That is practice, experiencing the same thing . . .

And what is . . . holiday?

Nothingness, nothing doing.

Nothing doing is not as important as the ability

for doing everything in the most relaxed manner.

And doing everything in the most relaxed manner means doing by thought.

Doing by doing is one thing. But doing by thought is a finer level of doing.

That is the value of holiday. . .

We come out completely refreshed and so much so

that whatever is required will be supplied to us even without thinking.


Bliss Becomes Blissful Through Practice

The Vedic Literature mentions that Anandamayo Abhyasat: “Bliss becomes blissful through practice”. On the Mother Divine Program those words ring deeply in our souls. They call us deeper into our consciousness as we continue and continue to practice the techniques Maharishi gave us—and life truly becomes increasingly blissful.

The following poem was written by a member of the Mother Divine Program in 1989 soon after the Berlin Wall fell. It celebrates bliss becoming blissful through practice and the holiday gift that is the reality of the Mother Divine Program. Happy Holidays to all!

Below are Audio and text versions of the poem.

Gift Giving


“What am I giving for Christmas this year?”

I asked myself this and the answer came clear.


I’m giving Silence—deep Silence, and Bliss—divine Bliss.

There’s really nothing better I can give than just this.


They won’t even know it but it doesn’t much matter,

What matters is that this bliss package keeps getting fatter and fatter.


The beautiful ‘thing-gifts’ will start coming one year,

Abundance is our birthright and for all it draws near.


For now I am patient, focused with all of my heart,

Getting firmly rooted in seeing the Whole in each part.


Anyway, every day is a holiday, more holy than the one come before,

Pure festivity probing the riches hidden away in our core.


A continuum of spiritual holiday present giving,

Wakening to the Kingdom of Heaven within us is our giving manner of living.


It is fun, it is full, new gifts do daily appear,

As transcending fast deepens and becomes divine, crystal clear.


Over and over and over again into our consciousness we deeply dive,

And find there great things, the most amazing of which is that there the whole universe is fully alive.


Each day is a miracle, full of awe, full of wonder, as our minds, hearts and bodies become more refined,

As sweet nectar awakens in each cell and flows into each delicate channel, I realize it’s lit’rally Heaven that’s here being mined.


But not only is Heaven being born deep within us each one,

By virtue of this Heaven on Earth’s birth faster has come.


That 2000 year old prayer in all human hearts—‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven’,

Is now coming to fruition in this generation and for His Kingdom’s rising we are all quietly serving as the leaven.


So rejoice, be very jolly, let the angel in you sing,

Heaven is circling our planet like a bright golden ring.


No one will be left out, Her gift it is for all,

Unity consciousness in all emerging, see, how that ole wall that it did fall!


What was once the rare blessing of saints, monks, mystics and yogis, living far away from the world,

Is now to be the great fortune of the whole human race and into this reality we’re all being lovingly hurled.


Mother Divine Program is to the world a rare, precious gift

Holding the balance of Silence and Bliss, world consciousness we help lift.


Professionally engaged many hours each day in TM, TM-Sidhis and Yogic Flying,

We stir the bliss ocean for all on the earth, so no longer is it just underlying.


So thank you dear friends who support Mother Divine, equally precious is your generous giving,

Together we help fulfill Maharishi’s Brahm vision, Heaven on Earth for everyone living.


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