May Peace on Earth be Powerful

Dec 28, 2014


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This song expresses the desire shared by people all over the world, for permanent, unshakable peace on earth.

Peace, complete harmony, is a concrete reality of nature on the level of the unified field, where coherence, power, and unity are infinite.

Lasting peace can only be a reality when this deepest field of peace is enlivened within the consciousness of everyone. 

Individuals practicing Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program naturally and effortlessly enliven this field of peace within themselves, from the deepest level of their Being.

The individual is the unit of world peace, and peaceful individuals practicing the technologies of consciousness together radiate an exponentially more powerful influence of peace and coherence, in the same way that individual candles coming together radiate more and more light to the environment.

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Jason Mrachina: Pirate Ship
James Jordan: Autumn Dawn
eatswords: Prayer Flags at Yamdrok-Tso
catchthewind: Lighthouse…

Arno Meintjes: Lion
Leszek Leszczynski: Ka-boom (lightning)
Kudumomo: Machu Pichu
midorisyu: Mount Fuji in rose pink
Trey Ratcliff: Evening at the Summer Palace
farrokhi: HDR Mosque
Fresco Tours: Camino de Santiago
Nara J: Tanjore Big Temple
Brenda Clarke: Candle
Jonas Foyn Therkelson: Candle light
Oame: Candle

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