Ways To Donate To The Mother Divine Program℠

Jan 28, 2015

Take and Give

We all Give, we all Get.

If you would like to help The Mother Divine Program

• give support to every country everywhere, including your own dear country,

• bless all mankind with the support of Nature and bubbling bliss at all times,

• help women realize their full potential—enlightenment in a structured, supportive environment,

                   we cordially invite your donations.

We are primarily funded by donations from generous supporters who recognize the far-reaching value of this professional coherence-creating group for each nation and the whole world.
Please enjoy this song of appreciation for our dear supporters written by
Stellavera Kilcher and performed by Mother Divine alumnae:

For more information on how to donate to support our mutual desires and goals, please click here: http://motherdivine.org/donate.html
With all appreciation!


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