Interviews, Course Perspectives, Music Videos, and More! 

Enjoy the videos below, which highlight different aspects of the Mother Divine Program and our courses for women.

Student Experiences

Four women students express their satisfaction, growth, and enjoyment of being together during a World Peace Assembly on the campus of The Mother Divine Program.

Enjoy a One-month Course

Course participants share their experience of a one-month course in the home of the Mother Divine Program in Thailand.

Would You Recommend this for Students?

Women discuss who can benefit from investing some time on The Mother Divine Program.

Attending a One-Month Course

What is it like attending courses with the Mother Divine Program? "It was really one of the most incredible experiences of my life, I had very beautiful experiences very quickly."

Fullness of Life Gained and Shared

A retired finance professional from New York City has been regularly enjoying short meditation courses—World Peace Assemblies—with The Mother Divine Program℠ for the past 20 years.

What inspired you to join?

What inspires women to join The Mother Divine Program? Several members of The Mother Divine Program give their perspectives.

What Have You Gained, Part 1

Mother Divine Program alumnae talk about the benefits they received from their time on the program.

What Have You Gained – Part 2

The benefits of taking part in the Mother Divine Program.

Ananda—Bliss Song

The Ananda Song is an original musical composition and animation by members of The Mother Divine Program℠ describing bliss as the flow of pure Being at the basis of life.

Moving in the Unmoving

This song describes the experience of moving in the umoving ocean of one's own silence and infinity, the field of transcendental bliss

A Whole New Light

This song, composed and sung by a member of the Mother Divine Program, describes the experience of refined perception of clarity and appreciation for nature's beauty, inner and outer.

How is it different?

How is the Mother Divine Program different from other courses?

I can be my true self here

"It feels like I've traveled so far inside of myself." Comments about a weekend course with the Mother Divine Program.

Growing in love

My ability to love and give to others is growing based on more inner fullness from participation in the one-month Taste of Blissful Life course in this ideal environment for personal development.