Is World Peace Possible?

May 15, 2019


Asking the Questions

To ask someone if they would like to live in a peaceful world is almost a waste of time. The overwhelming majority of the world’s population would answer the query with a resounding “of course, yes!”

So, why do we live in a war-torn world?

Why are there wars?

If everyone wants – or expresses the wish for – peace, why is it unattainable?

“Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men” has been our collective intention for thousands of years, and not only for those who follow the path of western religion: virtually all spiritual teachings encourage us to love one another.

So if everyone on earth desires world peace, if children and adults alike express this as their main desire age after age, why does the goal elude us?

In the last two centuries the western world has come remarkably close to actualizing so many of its objectives; tremendous technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs have brought us vastly increased comfort, efficiency, communication and prosperity.

At the same time, however, we have had to face enormous issues of national and international conflict that have rocked our sense of security and made us face the fact that all our hard-won achievements have not brought us the one thing we wish for most of all.

In our electrically lit, centrally heated, digitized, multiple car and multiple computer homes we are not safe.

It may be a cause of bitter disappointment to many of us that after the best efforts of some of the world’s most creative people in business, finance and government to usher in an age of stability for the nation and security for the individual, after two cataclysmic episodes of war when we felt we had successfully defended our right to a life in freedom, we find ourselves standing on ever-shifting sands instead of the bedrock of peace.


Life has always been replete with contradiction.

We are bearing witness to a tremendous rise in global compassion, coupled with a level of behaviour nation to nation, and individual to individual, that shocks us with its lack of reason and its justification of brutality.

The whole world is as if struggling to find a way through some thick fog. Humankind is searching, seeking the magic key that will unlock the gates of peace, allowing unity to take its proper place in our world and embrace all of diversity in its gracious arms.

As always, that key lies within ourselves, within the individual.

peaceful flowers

Peace is natural to life

Regardless of the historical reasons for war: whether due to scarcity of life’s essentials or springing from religious beliefs modelled on the framework of a harsh, unyielding world of lack—whatever the reasons, the time for those reasons to turn around 180 degrees is now.

There is an infinite field of peace with ourselves, and we can directly experience it. Once we start to enjoy all of life’s abundance within ourselves, once we make contact with the infinite field of peace already dwelling in us, we come to realize that it is something we do not have to fight for at all. It is our birthright. It is natural to life. Attaining it does not require endless years of struggle. Just a few minutes of our time every day will secure it for ourselves, our family, our friends and our nation.

The whole of humanity now stands on the brink of a wonderful opportunity to create a future for coming generations which has its basis in harmony, affluence and peaceful co-existence for all.

It is an opportunity too good to miss.

Part 2 coming soon.
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Peace, World Peace