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Easter People Video

  “And What Do You Do?” One day in the late 80’s, I went to an early morning Mass with my mother at a Jesuit cathedral high up on a hill in San Francisco.  After th... More

budding hyacinth

Easter People

Listen to Easter People poem here: We Are Easter People & the Passover Is Alive In Us This poem took birth on Easter and Passover in 1991 at a time when 200 members of the Moth... More

bubbles rising

Nourishing Power on the Move

The Nourishing Power of Nature Is On the Move and the Transcendent Is Bubbling Up We constantly cherish Maharishi’s glorious vision for the Mother Divine Programsm. It is our gr... More

Enlivening the Divine Feminine Qualities Within Ourselves

The Divine Feminine Qualities courses are available in two separate options on the Mother Divine campus in Chanthaburi, Thailand: Single ladies practicing TM and the TM-Sidhi Pr... More

Join New Mother Divine in the USA or Thailand for 6 months

Single ladies practicing the Transcendental Meditation® and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi ProgramSM are warmly welcome to come join the Mother Divine Program for six months, sta... More

May Peace on Earth be Powerful

THANK YOU FOR HELPING US TO PLAY OUR ROLE Please Give Generously Today This song expresses the desire shared by people all over the world, for permanent, unshakable peace on earth.... More

The Quintessence of Holiday 

  Doing Everything in the Most Relaxed Manner – Doing By Thought In the midst of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and cooking, wrapping gifts and family event... More