Easter People

Mar 12, 2020

Listen to Easter People poem here:

budding hyacinth

We Are Easter People & the Passover Is Alive In Us

This poem took birth on Easter and Passover in 1991 at a time when 200 members of the Mother Divine Program were living just outside the small Dutch village of Valkenburg in a huge, old brick building—once the home of Catholic nuns. 

Every day was deep and profound, fun and creative—it felt that evolution to enlightenment was moving at lightning speed.  Long deep practice of the TM® and TM-Sidhi® program all together twice a day; divine, blissful Yogic Flying® sessions; and in between our programs, we endlessly enjoyed finding beautiful ways to express the thrilling depths of Maharishi’s knowledge that we were all awakening to in the depths of our own consciousness. Much music-making, song-writing, singing, and poetry was abuzz in that building.

Easter People‘ expresses the fresh and vital vision that Maharishi was offering—that Heaven on Earth can truly become a living reality for everyone, everywhere in our world. It weaves together the deepest principles of Maharishi Vedic Science that I was starting to understand with the deepest truth I loved from my Catholic upbringing—the Kingdom of Heaven is within. 

Now, exactly 30 years later, as the world family passes together through the challenge of this global pandemic, Mother Divine continues with ever more dedication to play our role to create coherence in world consciousness and nourish the world with silence, harmony, and bliss.

And so, in that spirit, I resurrect the poem once again this year, wanting to share it far and wide. It feels its time has come to be a reality.

It rings out the hope and the certainty of Maharishi’s words: “The future of the world is bright and that is my delight”. It sings out the message: World family, don’t give up. We’re going to make it through this time. It’s a transition into an entirely new way of being on the earth. We’re unifying. We’re passing over the old. We’re resurrecting together.

May ‘Easter People’ uplift those whose hearts are hurting on this Easter and Passover and bring confidence and inspiration to us all for the coming time.

Easter People (The Poem)

We are Easter people
and the Passover is alive in us.
Becoming fully awake,
together gaining our enlightenment,
we pass over the field of endless change into eternal life.
Coming out of the field of infinite diversity
unaware of its underlying Wholeness,
into the field of change and non-change together,
the field of immortality,
we sit in the bliss more continuously now.

No longer caught in space and time,
trapped within boundaries,
unbounded freedom is our inner reality.

Recognizing in our Self-referral consciousness,
infinite dynamism and infinite silence together,
we perceive the reality of Easter
as a continuum of Resurrection
eternally going on in our deepest nature.
From point to Infinity,
from Infinity to a point—
the point rises up to find its unbounded nature,
Infinity resurrects Itself by squeezing into a point—
there to be seen in all Divine Glory.

Hopping onto the sheet of Wholeness
which spreads out infinitely
floating, flying, within the ocean of consciousness,
our every cell remembers itself as pure bliss.
“I am awake!  I am awake!” each point calls.
Pulsating, thrilling, in this Self awareness,
Resurrection takes place at each moment.

Remembering over and over again,
we pass over ignorance and our real nature
dances to be resurrected.

Yes, we are Easter people and the Passover is alive in us.
Established in the cosmic habit of perceiving bliss at each moment,
we know the Easter Joy.

And now in this spring of 2020
as Heaven takes up firm rooted residence everywhere on Earth
the entire planet passes over together.

Ignorance is being conquered at last.
We are rising, rising.  Together we are rising.
Unity consciousness is dawning in our minds.
Divine love blossoms in our hearts.
Its sweet nectar floods our souls, our minds, our bodies.

The Unified Field of Natural Law,
The field of Pure Love,
the Kingdom of Heaven,
wakes up in human consciousness
and the entire world family
celebrates global Resurrection.
Humankind is full of Easter people
Passing over into Infinite Joy.

 1991 Valkenburg, Holland