The Little Seagull

Sep 17, 2013

A Story of  Love and Persistence Rewarded

A little seagull laid her clutch of eggs on the sandy seashore.  She asked the sea to respect her eggs and leave them safely where they were.

The sea ignored her.  It swept up the shore and carried all her eggs away.  She was so distressed.  She flew out and spoke to the sea asking it to give back her eggs.

The sea continued to ignore her.

The little seagull was not going to give up.  She told the sea that if it would not give back her eggs she would take action.

The sea ignored her.

The seagull said to the sea:  “If you will not listen to me and return my eggs, then I will personally make you dry!”  And, with that, she took some water in her beak and flew to the shore and deposited the water on the sand.

Then she came back and did it again.

She continued and continued without rest taking water in her beak and dropping it on the sand.

Seagull with oean

Seagull at Work, Determined to Get Back Her Eggs

Days and days went by.  Many birds saw what she was doing and asked her why and she told them the story.  Then she continued with her work.  She never tired of her task and just kept going day after day after day.

Eventually the king of the birds heard her tale from a bird who had seen her.  He flew to where she was and spoke to her.

She told him her tale and continued taking the water from the sea.

The king was very impressed with her determination and her love for her eggs.  He spoke to the sea and commanded it to return the seagull’s eggs to the sandy seashore.

The sea had no choice.  It had to bow to the king and do as he said.  The eggs were returned to the seashore and the sea left them in peace.

The mother seagull flew to her eggs – elated, victorious, and together reunited with her family.

(Adapted from a story told in the Upanishads)


Lessons from the Story

  • A mother’s love makes her invincible.
  • The seagull was tiny compared to the vast ocean, but she had been wronged and was determined to put it right.
  • Her strength and courage drew the attention of someone who could help her – the king  of the birds.  Just one simple action from him won the day for the seagull.
  • When we are in tune with all the laws of nature, they are able to work on our behalf and we find we are able to accomplish even the most unlikely things effortlessly and instantly.
  • Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation® is the way to attune ourselves with all the laws of nature


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