Theme: Humming the Will of God: Multi-Directional Circulatory Intelligence

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  • Online Extended Super Radiance Program Agreement

    Acknowledgement. I acknowledge as the applicant for the Online Mother Divine Day(s) of Bliss or Online Mother Divine World Peace Assembly, described below (the “Course”), that I have had the opportunity to discuss the Course with appropriate representatives of the organization conducting the Course—Maharishi Global Administration through Natural Law (MGANL) or its licensee (the “Organization”)—and have satisfied myself as to its desirability for my personal development. I have been advised that the Organization owns or licenses all copyright rights in the text, images, photographs, video, audio, graphics and other content presented in the Course to the full extent provided under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries (the “Copyrighted Material”). I have also been advised that the Organization owns or licenses various trademarks and is licensed to use certain trade secrets and other confidential information presented in the Course (taken together with the Copyrighted Material, the “Confidential Information”). To assure the success of the Course for all participants and in consideration of my acceptance to the Course, I agree as follows:

    1. No Promises Made. No promises or warranties of any benefits or particular results have been made to me or are being relied upon as a basis for my participation in the Course. The results that may be experienced are not capable of prediction and vary from individual to individual. My decision to attend the Course is based solely upon my personal experience thus far with the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) and TM-Sidhi® programs and programs offered on Advanced Courses of the TM program. My participation in the Course is for the sole and exclusive benefit of my own personal development. I release the Organization, its agents, employees, and individuals from any claims and damages for all breaches of express and implied warranties (including warranties of merchantability).
    2. Health. I am presently in good mental and physical health and I am performing well in my daily personal and professional activities. I understand that the Transcendental Meditation program, the Extended Super Radiance Program, the Course, and any programs offered during the Course are not a substitute for professional medical treatments for physiological or psychological complaints. I understand that the organizations teaching the TM program are not qualified to, and do not give advice on, medical or psychological treatments. I understand that the Organization recommends that if ever I experience physiological or psychological discomfort in my daily activity, I should take the advice of an appropriate health care professional.
    3. Maharishi Yoga Asanas. As part of this Course or other courses I may receive instruction in or engage in the practice of Maharishi Asanas. I recognize that the practice of Asanas involves physical movement, and consequently might present the risk of injury to certain individuals. I am aware of the risks and hazards involved and agree to receive the advice of a medical professional if I deem it necessary to assess any such risks and I agree, in any event to assume those risks whenever Asanas are practiced. I represent that I have no medical condition that would prevent my full and proper performance of Maharishi Yoga Asanas.
    4. Conduct. I shall comply with all Course rules and regulations and will conduct myself in a manner that will not disrupt the smooth functioning of the Course, in the sole discretion of the Course administrators or teachers, who shall determine my suitability for any elements of the Course and my eligibility to continue on the Course. I further agree that, in connection with my participation in the Course: (a) I will only view the Course alone or in the presence of others who have been accepted to the Course; (b) I will view the Course on only one computer or mobile device; (c) I will listen carefully to the Course, but I will not take notes or create any written record of the Course during or after its completion; and (d) I will not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, upload, download, display, transmit, teach or perform any content of the Course (including, without limitation, this Agreement and any other forms or agreements I am provided as part of the Course materials, except I may retain execution copies of Agreements for my personal purposes) for any purpose. Finally, I will maintain the confidentiality of all Course materials that I am authorized to retain and delete or destroy all Course materials that I am not authorized to retain.
    5. Confidentiality. The Confidential Information is known and agreed by me to be of a confidential, unique, and intellectually valuable character which gives it a value, the loss of which cannot be reasonably or adequately compensated in damages in an action at law. I agree not to disclose, impart, or teach this knowledge to other parties. In addition to any other rights or remedies, the Organization and its affiliates shall be entitled to injunctive or other equitable relief to prevent a breach of this Agreement.
    6. Withdrawal and Refunds. I understand that the Course fee is nonrefundable once the Course begins.
    7. Enforceable Agreement. I have read and understand everything in this Agreement and I intend to be legally bound by this Agreement. I understand that I am being accepted to the Course on the basis of my responses to the questions in the Course application and my representations, warranties, and promises expressed in this Agreement. I represent that everything that I have expressed in my Course application and in this Agreement is accurate and true.
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