Enjoy a Taste of Blissful Life for single women
practicing the TM-Sidhi Program.


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Full Course Schedule

LocationWhat’s Special?Date Cost
Maharishi Vedic City, IAGuru Purnima Jun 25 - Jul 24Apply$2,500

Come enjoy an extraordinary experience–a full month of profound knowledge and deep rest in the abode of Mother Divine.

Course Highlights

  • Extended practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and TM-Sidhi program
  • Delve into your experiences with TM-Sidhi Administrators and Raj Rajeshwaris
  • Beautiful videos of Maharishi
  • Be nourished by the blissful atmosphere of the Mother Divine Program
  • Delicious organic vegetarian cuisine prepared with healthy Maharishi Ayurveda® recipes
  • Daily Yoga Asanas and fitness
  • Special presentations, knowledge, and courses
  • Joyful celebrations
  • Bask in the serene and inspiring beauty of nature

More about our location

Maharishi Vedic City, IOWA Livingston Manor, New York

Frequently Asked Questions

When to apply?

Due to limited availability of rooms, it is necessary to apply at least six weeks before the course starting date. You are welcome to apply up to six months before the starting date.

What is the arrival and departure time?

Check-in is in the afternoon of the first day of the course. The course ends after lunch on the day of departure.

How do I get to the course?

By car, plane, or bus. We will provide you with detailed travel information after you apply.