For women practicing TM-Sidhi Program – Join us for a sublime afternoon meeting or make a day of it.

This burst of bliss celebrates an auspicious day of the Vedic calendar with profound presentations, Vedic recitation, and discussions with leaders of the Mother Divine Program.

Full Course Schedule

LocationWhat’s Special?Date Cost
OnlineFull Navaratri and Ram Navami Apr 2 - Apr 10Apply$300
1st 3 days of Navaratri Apr 2 - Apr 4Apply$108
Ram Navami Apr 10 - Apr 10Apply$36


Afternoon Meeting:

Leaders of the Mother Divine Program will discuss the richest principles of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technologysm of Consciousness in the light of your own experiences. The meeting often includes recordings of Maharishi, listening to Vedic Recitation, and a ten-minute group meditation.
Meeting time: approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Enrich the Day:

While you’re most welcome to join us for only the afternoon meeting, we invite you to take full advantage of the Day of Bliss:

  • Begin the day with Super-Radiance—enjoy the fullness of your TM and TM-Sidhi program with others in your time zone.
  • Enliven perfect health and bliss in your physiology as your awareness settles, listening to Maharishi Vedic Pandits chant traditional recitations unique to that auspicious day of the Vedic calendar.
  • Conclude your day with the fullness of your TM and TM-Sidhi program at national Super-Radiance time. From Fullness to Fullness!

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