Ode To 2014

Dec 29, 2013


Ode To 2014

Oh the joyous welcome big to you oh extraordinary year

Galaxies of indescribable glories will dazzle your name forever as Heaven

bursts awake suddenly on this earth, now, within your embrace.


From deep within the Cosmic Heart

this jewel of perfect Silence shines its Light on you,

and you begin to stir, bulging with the marvelous possibilities latent within you.


Even now you are being energized in oceans of pure Bliss.

Even now you are being lovingly designed

by melted hearts absorbed in the Cosmic Heart,

pure souls all around the world humbly seated

in deep silence within themselves at the feet of the Master Designer.


Even now you are being soaked with Divine Attention,

being beautifully crafted in wondrous ways

with perfectly pure Wakefulness and highest Intelligence.


Soon you will burst forth mightily upon the world scene

with unbeknownst power to heal and transform,

unfolding the artistry of the Divine Charioteer.

Your magnificent energy will take the world by surprise

for within the arms of your twelve months lies

the awakening of the whole planet to its total potential of consciousness.


Yes, oh world, be ready. She is coming. Heaven is coming.

Oh my world, rejoice in Her coming.

She is coming from a distance, surrounding you in Her cosmic embrace.

And She is coming from as near as near can be – – – rising up from within you,

tickling your very being with pure Knowingness.

Heaven. Heaven. She is dazzling, sparkling, everywhere and in everyone.

No time to waste. No time to lose.

Let us be ready. Let us be awake to greet Her – for from everywhere She comes.


It is time to dance now oh world of mine – – –

let everyone turn out for the greatest cosmic dance of all time.

Oh friends and folks who fight anywhere – – –

your wars stand no chance now in this heavenly glare.

When Heaven has come spreading pure sweetness all ’round

all hearts will melt in Bliss and only Love will be found.


Yes. From deep within the Cosmic Heart this jewel of perfect Silence

shines its light on you.

Oh Yes, the joyous welcome big to you oh magical year.

By a member of the Mother Divine Program

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