Transcendental Meditation Meets Modern Science

Aug 18, 2013

Transcendental Meditation® Automatically and Immediately Allows Orderly Brainwave Functioning.

Early in 2012 many people who practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) met together in the UK to hear a great scientist, Dr Alarik Arenander, present the results of some research conducted on the effects of TM® on the human brain.

He had an EEG machine with him and asked for an audience volunteer to have brainwaves mapped before, during and after practicing the meditation for a few minutes.

Many of those present were eager to have this done because they wanted to see exactly what happened to their own brains when they practiced Transcendental Meditation.

Dr Arenander explained that the cinema screen attached to the EEG machine would show the pattern of brainwaves.  When the person was not meditating, it would look like four wavy lines, all traveling from left to right on the screen but not in synchrony with one another.  Two lines represent the left hemisphere of the brain and two the right hemisphere  When the person begins the practice of Transcendental Meditation, the screen will instantly show all four brainwave signals displaying a high level of synchrony.



There were so many people who wanted to volunteer for the demonstration that names had to be put in a hat and one drawn out.

The name pulled out was that of a shy, quiet young woman whose friend had added her name to those in the hat on her behalf.

She was asked to step on to the stage and prepare for the procedure.  She was obviously nervous, red in the face and trembling slightly but she was cheered on by the audience and went ahead with the preparations – putting on the EEG cap, etc.

A few minutes later all was ready for the demonstration.

Dr Arenander pointed to the screen, where the four brainwave patterns were moving from left to right and showing a good level but far from total synchrony.

Then the volunteer was asked to begin the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

She closed her eyes.

The hall was so silent you could have heard a pin drop.

Suddenly, all four brainwave signals began to move in synchrony and the meter recorded 85% synchrony between the two hemispheres of the brain.

She was asked to discontinue her practice of meditation.

Immediately the synchrony level dropped to its previous level.   Dr Arenander pointed out that this initial level was very high compared to that of many people.  The young woman in question had been meditating for quite some years and so, he explained, her brain was operating at a pretty high level of synchrony all the time, not simply when she was practicing Transcendental Meditation.

The most amazed person in the hall was the young woman herself.

She explained that she had been feeling so nervous before the demonstration that she felt she would never be able to practice the technique successfully and that the procedure would be a complete failure as a result.

Lessons From the Story

Transcendental Meditation works regardless of how we feel or what we are thinking.  It is automatic, set and scientific.  We need pay no heed to what is going on within us or outside – we simply start the practice and then it takes care of itself.  After the practice we feel refreshed and ready for whatever the rest of the day or evening may bring.

Those of us fortunate to be on the Mother Divine Program are using the TM technique to maximum effect every day in order to develop our consciousness as quickly as possible towards higher states—growth of enlightenment—when we will enjoy experiencing maximum levels of coherence between the two hemispheres of the brain on a daily basis. Progress towards this goal is inevitable for all those who practice this simple mental technique of Transcendental Meditation.

Watch Woman’s Brain Become More Orderly During TM.

To watch the woman below give her first public demonstration of her brain waves while she practiced Transcendental Meditation and talk about that experience, click the image below or this link:


Woman Being Brainmapped

Woman Speaks About the First Public Demonstration of Her Brain Waves During her TM Practice.


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