It’s Gone!

Nov 23, 2013

It’s so exciting!

After eight months of non-stop demolition, our old non-vastu Executive building is finally gone — and what a difference it makes!


Old view looking east at Executive


New view looking east at mountains and Peace Palaces

The atmosphere is now much lighter, clearer, and more expansive —allowing all our glorious plans for the future to zoom forth unhindered.


View looking north across the cleared land


Here are beautiful reflections from one of the members of the Mother Divine Program on the journey from start to finish, plus an in-depth video for you to enjoy.


A Big Transformation at Livingston Manor

How tidy it was!  The demolition team arrived in March 2013 on a contract to bring down, remove, and wipe off the face of the earth the old, unfavorably-oriented building that in its prime years ago had been a first class hotel with an Olympic-sized swimming pool. It had buzzed with celebrity guests, and was a source of employment for many local people.


A Jewel Was Hiding

Executive, as it was called, had been moldering away beside us for many years – something we always meant to deal with, and finally had the means to accomplish. We were so used to it that we hardly noticed it anymore.  But once the team got to work our vision went from being arrested to being expanded as we took in the transformation of our familiar landscape. Quickly we went from a limited horizon to a 180-degree view of the glorious Catskill mountains.


The above photographic video summary captures beautifully the stunning change that took place in our scenery.   One moment it was as it always had been for us, the next it became what it always had been for nature.  There emerged before our eyes a sweeping panorama that still takes our breath away.  As the foundations were pried out of the ground we found ourselves face to face with earth that had seen no light of day since before the ascent of the commercial aircraft industry; before pesticides were a major ingredient in our crops; before Motown and the Civil Rights Movement. The tangle of metal and concrete was swiftly swept from view by the professionals who cleaned up as they went along like conscientious housekeepers.


Sunrise through trees juxtaposed with the old dining hall


Playing It Out With Dignity

The whole thing was played out with dignity and respect for the environment and we felt the air become more clear and fresh around us.  It is so good to have these pictures to remind us of the process we all went through with this building.  How beautiful it must have been when young and filled with holidaymakers; how glorious again is the space it occupied.  We are happy to have had it in our lives and made full use of it for several decades, with many historic courses, conferences, and unprecedented opportunities for hundreds of individuals to unfold their own full potential.

We are so happy to now see sky, earth, trees and mountains where it once was.

Many local people have fond memories of the area when this building brought so many visitors and so much business.  It is captured in local history publications and will always be associated with a golden time of carefree summer days.  Now it abides in memory alone and this series of images pays its respects to a time gone by, through the compassionate eye of the photographer.  How time flies!


What’s Next

Now let’s turn our focus to building on this glorious land a home for the Mother Divine Program and course participants, worthy of the spectacular setting. We welcome your thoughts, comments, and memories of this special land at Lake Shandelee.


View from across Lake Shandelee, looking west at the campus


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Livingston Manor Progress