Is World Peace Possible? Part 2

Feb 23, 2018

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Are human beings selfish and untrustworthy by nature? Will we ever be able to work together to create the world peace that everyone wants? 

Other views

When we become acquainted with other philosophical standpoints, we discover that ours is not the only viewpoint in the world. Other principles exist, much older than our own, which state that human beings are flexible, compassionate, and co-operative by nature and that the only constant about the life we are leading is that it is constantly changing. That means that we, also, as an integral part of life, are also constantly changing.

This changes everything when it comes to the subject of world peace.

Change.   Change.   Change.

We have to familiarize ourselves with the concept of a changing individual inhabiting a changing world if we are to find any meaning in the human aspiration for world peace.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, official imae


Bringing ancient knowledge to the subject of World Peace

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi began traveling the world in the late 1950’s in order to bring to suffering humanity a beacon light of knowledge for a safe and secure future.

His reasoning was based on the most ancient knowledge vouchsafed to man: the Vedic knowledge, cognized by seers (rishis) throughout time and first recorded in written language thousands of years ago.

What makes this Vedic approach stand out from other approaches is that it has its basis in personal experience of the principles in action and not merely in intellectual understanding.

Experience and intellectual understanding come together with the practice of a time-honored mental technique, the Transcendental Meditation® program, which that allows the mind to settle down to its quietest level of functioning, and from that level we are able to come to know for ourselves how life works.

Its simplicity is misleading. It is the most powerful, most creative method of scientific research available. It places the individual at the centre of life, not separate from the forces of nature, but instead central to them.

We become aware of ourselves as sentient beings, interacting with an ever-changing world. We enjoy a physiology that adapts and alters continuously to maintain its balance through environmental changes, while at the same time, we remain anchored to an eternal ocean of vibrant bliss consciousness that sustains us throughout life, nourishing and fortifying us as we go our way.

Now we can believe in peace

Maharishi brought us the concept of consciousness as the basis and very content of life and gave us the technology that allows us to directly experience and expand our own consciousness which brings us into line with the way life really works.

'Nothing can stop" Maharishi quote

The reality is that life is bliss and the laws of nature will not only befriend us and work with us, they will actually do our bidding if we allow ourselves to evolve into our full potential with the use of this Vedic technique for the integration of life.

Peace is attainable

Now, this approach welcomes us to become who we really are – and who we really are is much more akin to peacefulness, happiness, and co-operation than we may have thought. Starting from this premise brings much more hope of success.

Q: So, what happens next? We still haven’t created world peace. We’ve just identified a philosophy, haven’t we?

A: Far more that that. We’ve uncovered a practical experiential method to achieve world peace, pure and simple. Stay tuned for Part 3.